hey people... just swinging through to share some more content, hope you enjoy... ——————————————————————— hip hop universal... —— listen on #musicoin... https://spl.it/musicoin-Mzg4YzA2 listen on #choon... https://spl.it/choon-MWE1Zjlh —— #frawsta

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hello again, I am sirobosi frawstakwa... thanks for checking back in... it’s been a while since I’ve updated, basically because a lot has been going on, ha ha... I’ll be sharing some of my latest music and photos today, and look forward to creating some dialogue with you...






Aug 12, 2016
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  • Kyle (Thursday, April 04 19 05:52 pm EDT)


  • Kyle (Thursday, April 04 19 05:51 pm EDT)

    Dope. Very dope.

  • Eudes Espino (Friday, April 21 17 07:50 pm EDT)

    Yo! we met today ? Bet that's funny. Names Eudes Espino. Sup, hello just wanted to extend an electronic hello and show you I keep busy. It was nice that we had a quick chat. Moving on find my name check out my work maybe we could collab. ?? This greeting happened on 179 bway

  • frawstakwa (Friday, August 12 16 09:09 pm EDT)

    thank you to everyone visiting, hope you're enjoying the listening... feel free to contact me for collabs and performances...


  • M Forster (Saturday, October 17 15 07:12 am EDT)

    It's about time someone Christened this page LOOOL !!

    Hi dude, cool runnings ;)

  • andrew bushell (Saturday, March 21 15 09:55 pm EDT)


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